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Academic Advising

What is Academic Advising?

Your College of Arts and Sciences academic advisor is a faculty member who helps you to clarify and meet your educational, career, and life goals. Among other things, your advisor:

  • Helps you stay on track to finish your degree.
  • Advises on fulfilling degree requirements and following various policies and procedures.
  • Encourages you to develop an action plan for meeting your academic goals.
  • Offers advice about which courses to take and ways to fulfill your academic plan.
  • Listens to you and respects your decisions about your UVM education and career goals.
  • Pays attention to your grade-point average and academic performance and talks to you candidly about any need to improve in this area.
  • Refers you to various resources on campus, depending on your needs.
  • Connects interested students with honors options and opportunities for undergraduate research and scholarship.

Who will be my advisor?

  • TAP Seminar class: First-Year Students enrolled in a first-semester Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP) seminar class or in one of the full-year integrated TAP programs will be advised by their TAP instructor.
  • Declared Major: Students who have declared a major will have an advisor in their major department and a TAP advisor if they have enrolled in a TAP seminar.
  • Undecided Major: Students who have not declared a major and are not enrolled in a TAP seminar course will be assigned a faculty advisor. Once a major is declared, the advisor is changed to one within that major.

Deciding on a Major

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Other Help

A faculty advisor is not the only one at UVM who may play a role in helping you. The College also has a Student Services team of dedicated academic advisors ready to assist you. These advisors are available to meet with students during daily walk-in hours or by appointment.

Staff members in Career Services, Residential Life, the Counseling Center, Student Support Services Office, the ALANA Student Center, Office of International Education, and other areas are available to help you.

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