Pre-proposal Application Form

Self-designed Major
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Complete and return this application form with a copy of your academic transcripts to the Faculty Review Committee of the Self-Designed Major in care of Dr. Jonathan Leonard, 208H Morrill Hall Building, 656-2979. Please type and be concise.
Following submission, you and your faculty sponsor will meet with the Committee to discuss and evaluate the program you propose. If subsequently approved, you will be invited to develop and submit a full proposal to the Committee.

Education and Career Objectives: Describe, as specifically as possible, what you wish to learn while at UVM and how this relates to your plans and aspirations for post-graduate study and/or employment.

Justification for a Self-designed Major: Why do you think a self-designed program is most appropriate for achieving the above objectives? Tell why you think existing majors and programs on campus do not provide adequate preparation. Be specific.

Proposed Coursework: Make a list of UVM courses that you think ought to be included in the program you are proposing. Indicate which of these courses you think ought to be required or recommended in the program.

Proposed Learning Activities: Describe the types of on- or off-campus experiences and learning opportunities in, for example, laboratories, businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, etc., that you think are relevant to your program. If possible, include the names of specific businesses, laboratories, internship providers, etc., that offer such opportunities and which you would consider in developing your full proposal.



I have reviewed and discussed this pre-proposal with the above student. If the proposed program receives final approval by the Committee, I will serve as his/her major advisor.