CALS recognizes its donors

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences depends on and appreciates the contributions of alumni, parents, students, foundations, businesses, organizations, faculty, staff, and other friends. We want to thank the following who gave in fiscal year 1997. This information was obtained from donor records; thus, donors who gave as part of a group are listed individually. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Please let us know if there are any errors or omissions by contacting Howard Lincoln at (802)656-2509;

H. Clark Abbott
Abbott Laboratories
Karl Gregory Aeder
Charles Dutilh Agnew, Jr.
Jill Jones Agnew
Airport Business Center Foundation
Richard Joseph Albertini
Jill Schneider Alexander
Ruth Mason Allard
Anne Runyon Allen
Terry F. Allen Family Charitable Foundation
Allenholm Farm
America's Gardening Resource, Inc.
American Cancer Society, Vermont Division
American Floral Endowment
American Heart Association, VT/NH Division
Henry and Phyllis Atherton
Edward and Janet Austin

Samuel E. Bain, Jr. Fund
Rebecca Michele Balchunas
Balla Machree Farms, Inc.
Florence Knoll Bassett
Elizabeth Lenore Bayne
Bedding Plants Foundation, Inc.
Pierce H. Beij
Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.
Berger Peat Moss Company
Lisa Ann Bernardini
Thompson Bickford
Robert L. and Oletha Thompson Bickford
Biovance Technologies, Inc.
Charles and Wendy Black Fund
David Carl Blodgett
Rebecca L. Boardman
Bokom Foundation
Betty Whitney Bolognani
Emery P. Booska
Edward H. Bousquet
James T. Bowse Community Health Trust
P. Scott Boyer Associates
Patrick Christian Boyle
Mary Bowne Brandt
Brick House Pies
Catherine Brodersen
Andre W. Brosseau
Andrew George Brown
Kristin McLeod Brown
Burlington Garden Club

Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Inc.
Alan L. Campbell
Donald Glenn Campbell
Floyd and Kathleen Campbell
Jane Gates Capizzi
Capizzi Family Trust
James R. Carpenter
Maurice E. Castagner
Dorothy Jordan Chadwick Fund
Valerie Meyer Chamberlain
Philip D. Chiaravalle, Sr.
Chittenden County Maple Sugar Makers
Ann C. Clay
Michele M. Colbert
Cold Hollow Cider Mill
Conservation & Research Foundation
Averill Hamilton Cook
Reuben H. Cooley
Leon L. Corse
James Underwood Crockett Fund
Tara Leigh Cross
Gladys L. Cummings Trust
Samuel Cutting, III

Dairy Management, Inc.
Nathan Robert Danforth
Danforth's Sugarhouse, Inc.
Roberta Reed Daniels
Robert Percy Davis
Davis Family, Inc.
Richard Allen Dennis
Dielectrics Industries, Inc.
Jane Jacobsen DiNardo
Patricia Chun Donahue
Sarah Downes
Heidi Karin Dufner
Beth Wolynec Dunn
Ruth Steele Dvorak

Edward O. Eaton
Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau
Terry M. W. Ehrich
Mary Piche Every

Fabriscape, Inc.
Jane Hoogstoel Farrar
Kathleen O'Halloran Farrell
Thomas Stephen Farris
Barbara Schenk Ferguson
Margaret Hazen Fey
Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund
Julianne Dickhaut Field
Finch, Pruyn & Company, Inc.
Benjamin P. Forbes Company
Edith Louise Forbes
Donald C. Foss
Paul Eric Freed
Freeman Foundation
Lois Myers Frey
James Lee Gagnon

Eugene Philibert Galfetti
Janice Dutton Gendreau
Leslie Shafner Gensburg
Jennifer Lynn Gilmore
Ginseng Hill Nursery
Jodi Harris Girard
Kathleen Purdy Goldberg
Grafton Village Cheese
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
John W. Grimes
Philip Robert Groh, Jr.

Leslie A. Ham
Mark T. Hamilton
Jinene Louise Harvey
R. William and Dawn Hazelett
Hazelett Strip Casting Corporation
Martin Heib and Margaret Veith-Heib
Jennifer Pitzi Hellwig
Brian Michael Henehan
Robert W. Henshaw
Jean Obreiter Heytler
Theodore and Katherine Hildner
Clark W. and Irene Croteau Hinsdale
Douglas Hinshaw
Douglas Hinshaw Building
W. D. Hoard & Sons Company
Lauren Davis Howard
Michael John Hurdzan

IBA, Inc.
International Center for Agricultural Research
IPM Laboratories, Inc.

JMA Food Ingredients, Inc.
Laurence C. Jost
William Edward Julien

Arthur and Lisa Kaiman
Dennis Michael Kauppila
Lisa Marie King
Heidi Klinkenberg
Andrew Mathers Krause
Patricia Olschan Kusovitsky

Bernice Stein Lamp
Avery Larned
Howard and V. Tacy Lincoln
Philip M. and Crea Lintilhac
Lintilhac Foundation

Stephen B. MacCausland
P. Brian Machanic
Julian Malkiel
Maple Lane Products
Carol Sherman Margolis
Cynthia Wriston Massey
Florence Harrington Maurizi
Willard and Stephanie Arno Mayo
John P. McBride
Stacy Rosenberg McClintic
J. W. McConnell Foundation
Stephen Lorraine McElwain
Dr. Donald James McFeeters
Suzanne Oppelt McMinn
Peter Stephen Melnik
Miles Tree Farm
Helen Lauber Miller
James Arthur Miller
Rachel Natividad Miller
David Hack Mills, Jr.
Millstone Farm
Robert Mittenbühler
Barbara Ann Moore
Maurice B. Morrill
Mariafranca C. Morselli
Stephen Christopher Moses
Mulnite Farms, Inc.
Mycotech Corporation

National Cattlemen's Beef Association
National Endowment for Financial Education
Nature Conservancy
Ronald A. and Radetta A. Nemcosky
New England Greenouse Conference
New England Grows, Inc.
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Board
New England Milk Promotion Board
New England Nursery Association, Inc.
Amy Nickerson
North American Maple Syrup Council
Northeast Dairy Compact
Northeast Dairy Foods Research Center

Ohio Floriculture
Orange County Maple Producers Association
Organic Cow
Orleans County Maple Producers

Don Patenaude Sales
W. Gary Peigelbeck
Alice N. Pell
Neil H. and Carleen Otis Pelsue
Pennsylvania State University
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
Donna Thompson Pizzagalli
Remo Pizzagalli
Ted Z. Plaut
Joshua Bryant Powers, Jr.

William Raap
Heidi Racht
J-C Rancoud-Guillon
Lori Brandon Rennels
Jamie Lyn Restler
William Alan Roberts
Faith Ann Robinson
Richard M. Roderick
Wendy Sara Rosenblum

Frank & Brinna Sands Foundation, Inc.
Stephen C. Schaubhut, Sr.
Leisha Hurtubise Schutt
Michael Shea
Shelburne Farms, Inc.
Gerard C. Shrewsbury
Peter Andrew and Christine J. Silkowitz
Nelson H. Slack
Russell W. Smith
Mary Ellen Smith-Raman
Smolen & Smolen, Esq.
South County Hearing Services
Sowams Nursery, Inc.
Eric Craig Stahl
St. Albans Cooperative Creamery
Elaine C. Stauber
Doris Hosmer Steele
William W. Stone
Michael Jay Strongin

Marion Samson Taylor
Carol Thibault Thomson
Marla Hutchinson Tillberg
Tourbranch Associates
Donald R. Tourville
Owen R. and Kitty Farr Towne
Eric M. and Shelly Johnson Traumuller
Robert and Jennifer Sherwood Turner
Tuskegee University
Vernon W. and Elise Koehler Tuxbury
U.S. Slide Fastener Corporation

Howard and Christine Peden VanBenthuysen
Vermont Association of Professional Horticulturists
Vermont Butter & Cheese Co., Inc.
Vermont Community Foundation, Inc.
Vermont Feed Dealers & Manufacturers Assoc.
Vermont Land Trust
Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Assoc.
Vermont Small Fruit & Vegetable Growers
Vermont Technical College
Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Assoc.
Thomas C. Vogelmann

Stephen T. Wadsworth
George Walker Milk Trust Fund
Rev. Laurence Hull and Sally Ann Wall
Christopher James Walsh
Lucille Warshaw
George E. Webster
Andrea Weed
The Wendling Foundation
Paul Arthur Wentworth
Marie Kuhn Whybark
Rebecca Hitchcock Williams
Marillyn B. Wilson
Stephen Mark Woodard

Andrea Beaulieu Young

Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension Work Acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture. Lawrence K. Forcier, Director, University of Vermont Extension, Burlington, Vermont. University of Vermont Extension and U.S. Department of Agriculture, cooperating, offer education and employment to everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, and marital or familial status.

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