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News About CALS

News About CALS

Various publications with CALS news.Parents who send their sons and daughters to this College, emeriti professors who want to know how those hallowed halls fare today and alumni whose thoughts sometimes turn to former professors and classmates  -- people keep in touch with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) for many reasons. We who now spend our days (and perhaps nights) here also want to keep in touch with our current and extended CALS family. CALS offers several ways to do that.

The Annual Report of the Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station and UVM Extension

Once a year CALS publishes the annual report of state- and federally-funded research and outreach conducted by its two land-grant institutions: the Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station and University of Vermont Extension. The report is a showcase of research benefiting Vermonters.

CALS in the Media

CALS accomplishments attract a lot of media attention on their own. National, even International media attention is common at CALS almost every day. And of course CALS is an active member of the local community and a key player in the state of Vermont.

  • VERMONT IS RENOWNED FOR LOCAL BEER AND DIVERSIFIED FARMING, so it makes sense to define "local beer." Vermont beermeisters weighed in, and UVM CALS' agronomist Heather Darby provided some research-based answers in a May edition of the "Burlington Free Press."

  • CARBS DON'T MAKE YOU FAT. Eating too many calories is the real cause of fat, maintains UVM Chair of Nutrition and Food Sciences in this myth-busting article published in May. 

  • MEASURING HAPPINESS? Vermont is in the Vanguard and UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences leads the research in thinking new ways other than via the Gross National Product to measure national well being. In this online report in June, chair of Community Development and Applied Economics research and teaching Jane Kolodinsky summed up why economic metrics do not give adequate information for policy makers guiding our society and economy.

  • CHEESE & MICROBES, edited by professor and former director of UVM's Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese Catherine Donnelly was published in April and, at 350 pages, well may become a definitive work for cheesemakers, enthusiasts, and students of the art and science of cheese.

  • LOCAL LEGEND AND WORLDWIDE FERN EXPERT Professor David Barrington answered a local reporter's questions in August about how UVM's Pringle Herbarium is a DNA repository (including extinct plants) a huge online and tangible herbarium and next part of UVM's new natural history museum thanks to a $470,000 national grant.

  • EXPOSURE TO A NEW FOOD takes 12-15 times before children develop a preference to it, "so let's not give up too soon," says our Bickford Green and Gold Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences Rachel Johnson in this local television story last June on her school lunch research with her students Bethany Yon, Jennifer Taylor, Harley Eriksen, Saray Amine, Ben Davis and others.

  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, so when its namesake former Vermont Senator James Jeffords died in August, New England Cable News asked CALS Dean Tom Vogelmann to speak to Jeffords' legacy at UVM.

CALS Newsletter - Keeping in Touch

CALS formerly published a newsletter twice a year.  Activities are now highlighted exclusively on the CALS webpages and on Facebook.

Department Newsletters

Several CALS departments publish their own newsletters to students, parents and alums affiliated with the department majors.

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