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CALS Standards Committee

CALS Standards Committee

Committee Members

Doug Johnson, MMG
Josh Farley, CDAE
David Connor, CDAE
Jane Molofsky, PBIO
David Kerr, ASCI, Chair
Leonard Perry, PSS
Catherine Donnelly, NFS


The CALS Faculty Standards Committee (FSC) is committee is entrusted with the solemn responsibility to evaluate the performance of their peers in instruction, scholarship and service, in relation to the established CALS RPT Guidelines and any Collective Bargaining Agreement between United Academics and UVM, and provide a confidential, written  recommendation to the Dean, on matters concerning:

  • Tenure decisions (green sheet promotion review)
  • Evaluation of progress towards tenure at the 2-year and 4-year mark (green sheet reappointment reviews)
  • Four-year reappointment (blue-sheet reappointment reviews)
  • Requests for promotion in rank (green sheet promotional review)
  • Requests for sabbatical leave
  • Allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence
  • Other matters relating to faculty conduct, as requested by the Dean

Conflict of Interest:  A member of the FSC must not be present during any discussion regarding that member, or a relation/partner of that committee member.  A member of the FSC must not be present during any discussion that will result in a direct personal, professional or financial impact on the committee member

Recusals:  A member of the FSC can only cast one vote regarding the disposition of an RPT recommendation; this vote can either be at the department-level review or FSC review, but not both.  FSC members are encouraged to participate in review and discussion of matters concerning Departmental colleagues, however, the CALS Leadership Team recommends that conflicted FSC members cast their vote at the level of Department review and abstain from the FSC vote.


Questions about this committee should be directed to David Kerr (802)656-2113.
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