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Wright Findings

Summary of Project

Molecular diversity of methane-producing microorganisms from methane digesters under different operating systems.

Principal investigator: Dr. André-Denis Wright


To take full advantage of renewable biomass through anaerobic digestion, a better understanding of the microbiology responsible for this technology should continue to be pursued. A potential association was found between the use of lipids and methanogen composition, as well as with high representation of an uncharacterized Chloroflexi species. Considering the number of factors involved, tis will require further investigations under laboratory-controlled conditions to unravel microbial population dynamics in this environment. Ultimately, further understanding will allow increased control of metabolic activities performed by anaerobic communities, allowing to optimize the function of microorganisms towards improvement in biomethanation from agricultural waste. 


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St-Pierre, B. & A-D.G. Wright. 2013. Metagenomic analysis of methanogen populations in three full scale mesophilic anaerobic manure digesters operated on dairy farms in Vermont, USA. Bioresource Technology. 138: 277-284. Impact Factor: 5.17.

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