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On Farm Research Projects

  1. Dr. Sid BosworthImproving the Viability of Dairy Farms through Advanced Forage Selection -- Dr. Heather Darby and Dr. Sid Bosworth, Plant and Soil Science, 3-year project, $144,590 (view project summary)
  2. Enhancing the nutritional attributes of bovine milk to achieve a more desirable product tailored to provide health-promoting benefits -- Dr. Jana Kraft, Animal Science, 2-year project, $149,960 (view project summary)
  3. Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of Glucose Transporters as Breed Selection Markers for Milk Productivity in Dairy Cattle -- Dr. Feng-Qi Zhao, Animal Science, 2-year project, $150,000 (view project summary)
  4. Molecular diversity of methane-producing microorganisms from methane digesters under different operating systems. - Dr. Andre Wright (view research video)

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