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Kraft Findings

Summary of Project

Enhancing the nutritional attributes of bovine milk to achieve a more desirable product tailored to provide health-promoting benefits

Principal investigator: Dr. Jana Kraft


There is growing interest in the development of functional milk and dairy products to maximize their contribution to health promotion and disease prevention. Because omega-3 fatty acids have been recognized as nutrients of high biological value that impart health benefits, they represent promising functional food components enriched in milk and dairy products. The goal of our research is to enhance the health attributes of milk, tailored to optimize health and thereby prevent disease development, through a targeted feeding strategy applied to the dairy cow. Results from our research trial have shown that feeding rumen-protected echium oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, to dairy cows increases the content of omega-3 fatty acids in milk fat. Promoting the health-enhancing opportunities of milk will benefit the dairy producer (increased marketability and profit) and the consumer (i.e.,, increased appeal and acceptability).

Abstracts and Presentations:

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