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Welcome Students, Prospective Students and Parents:

Dean Rachael JohnsonFood that nourishes people and communities, agriculture that restores and refreshes the ecosystem, science-based cures for animal diseases that also inform human conditions, research that monitors and improves the very health of the planet at every level -- from cells to society.

We live in an exciting time.

Yes, it is a time of global problems, yet it is a time of great hope, because the goals I just described are only a few of the issues we work on together here at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS); in labs, classrooms, out in the field and communities, shoulder- to-shoulder, professors, students, staffers and citizens. As a student in any of our College's programs, you will feel the vibrant, stimulating, innovative can-do CALS attitude. For example, CALS people:

  • Quantify the nation's obesity epidemic and do something about it -- through a science-based, proven Internet weight-loss program. Create new dairy foods and surprising products from byproducts of food industries -- read about the cheese-whey-based road de-icer.
  • Study farmlands and waterways, coming up with innovative ways to restore streams and prevent stormwater runoff.
  • Provide the genetic material for mastitis resistance in cows, a painful condition that is otherwise costly for farmers to treat. This science also benefits breast cancer research.
  • Track the effects of technology on the color, flavor and quality of maple syrup.
  • Launch businesses on a shoestring at home and abroad -- "Dollar Enterprises" are among students' favorites. Look for "Groovy UV" tee shirts and recycled fashions on campus.

CALS is a small college within a larger university. As a result, students get to know the faculty, often in small classes. UVM is a major research university, so faculty members, in addition to teaching, are engaged in cutting-edge, scientific discovery. They share their expertise and excitement about their research with students. Many students take advantage of the opportunity to work closely with the faculty in their laboratories or research facilities.

Please explore this College of Agriculture and Life Sciences website. Contact people listed on its pages to learn more about CALS majors, departments and programs. Get to know our faculty and staff. Find out about special events in the College. Explore what our students and faculty are doing that makes a difference in the lives of people in Vermont and the world. Most of all, visit our campus!

I am happy to answer your questions and make sure you have any additional information you may need.


Rachel K. Johnson
Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences



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