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News About CALS

News About CALS

Various publications with CALS news.Parents who send their sons and daughters to this College, emeriti professors who want to know how those hallowed halls fare today and alumni whose thoughts sometimes turn to former professors and classmates  -- people keep in touch with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) for many reasons. We who now spend our days (and perhaps nights) here also want to keep in touch with our current and extended CALS family. CALS offers several ways to do that.

The Annual Report of the Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station and UVM Extension

Once a year CALS publishes the annual report of state- and federally-funded research and outreach conducted by its two land-grant institutions: the Vermont Agricultural Experiment Station and University of Vermont Extension. The report is a showcase of research benefiting Vermonters.

CALS in the Media

CALS accomplishments attract a lot of media attention on their own. National, even International media attention is common at CALS almost every day. And of course CALS is an active member of the local community and a key player in the state of Vermont.

  • SUGAR INCREASES RISK FOR DEATH AND HEART DISEASE, according to a study released nationwide February 4 – the largest of its kind. "Now we know that too much added sugar doesn't just make us fat, it increases our risk of death from heart disease," UVM Professor Rachel Johnson, speaking on behalf of the American Heart Association, told USA Today.

  • MAPLE SUGARING AS WE KNOW IT may forever change due to UVM Proctor Maple Research Center's new research demonstrating 'orchard style' production that pulls sap from, er, saplings. Word traveled worldwide including NPR, Outside magazine, and here the Toronto Star February 3, which also notes that an $18M maple heist will be the subject of a new movie(!) Wait for it.....

  • RAISE A GLASS, to Agronomist Heather Darby in UVM College of Agriculture and Life Scienes’ plant and soil science dept. brought home a $130,000 grant to study hops to learn which are most pest resistant. Vtdigger reported the news January 28.

  • NATION’S TOP CHEESEMAKER SEEKS SCIENCE: "Investigating the genetics of their milk and cheese...'gives visibility into parts of the cheesemaking process that have been opaque,” (Mateo Kehler) said. “...we’ve never had a good idea of what was happening at the microbial level. The barn, the cellar, us, this is an ecosystem.’’ UVM CALS' Catherine Donnelly is quoted in this January 16 Burlington (Vt.) Free Press story, and the research he references here is the work of many collaborators including John Barlow, David Conner and Sarah Heiss.

  • THREE REASONS PEOPLE QUIT EXERCISING: personality, genetics and practicality, says a new study by UVM Nutrition & Food Sciences Chair Jean Harvey and colleagues. The New York Times Sunday Magazine referenced the study on January 12.

  • AGGRESSION, DEPRESSION and suicidal behaviors among US adolescents is linked to soft drink consumption, according to a new study, on which a number of UVM researchers are collaborating. Here’s a January 8 Magaziner report.

  • WHEN KRAFT DITCHED DAYGLOW MAC ‘N’ CHEESE (finally) our Professor Paul Kindstedt was in on this national conversation on NPR and other media in November. He says trickster cheesemakers started coloring cheese.

  • EVERY PACKAGED FOOD RECALL sends government officials and media to our own Professor Catherine Donnelly. She's at it again recently, here's a five-minute basic science lesson for WCAX television viewers on October 31. Take home: most people ingest listeria without out getting sick. But here's why 300 people die of it and how not to be one of those!

  • HOW TREES TURN COLOR IN FALL is a question Abby van den Berg gets every autumn. The Proctor Maple Research Center research biologist told WBUR Boston on October 14 that individual trees’ color varies year to year.

  • FLOTUS & RJK AT WHITE HOUSE Rachel Kline Johnson, Bickford Green & Gold Professor of Nutrition and Miriam (MIM) Nelson, former CALS advisor were among Michelle Obama's invited guests at the White House on September 18. The working group aims to improve how food is marketed to children..

CALS Newsletter - Keeping in Touch

CALS publishes a full color newsletter twice a year that is packed with photos and news of faculty, staff, students, alumni and others active in the College. It is a great record of proud accomplishments.

Department Newsletters

Several CALS departments publish their own newsletters to students, parents and alums affiliated with the department majors.

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