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Methods and Background Documents


General Guidance
Lab and Field Equipment Manuals
Analytical protocols
Methods compendia
Tools, Templates, and Technical Guidance
Statistical advice
Breck's Methods Library (Requires a password)

General Guidance

BWRL Lab Contacts
BWRL Lab Inventory (RESL and Toolik)
Guidance on medical coverage for Temporary Employees
Guidance on UVM medical evacuation services (SOS)

Lab and Field Equipment Manuals

Stage and discharge measurement

Flo-Mate Manual
FlowTracker Handheld ADV Technical Manual
Pygmy Protocol
Pygmy Quick Guide
Onset HOBO Model U20 Level (Baro) and Temperature Loggers
TROLL Level Logger
Tru-Track Capacitance Probe

Autosampler and accessories

ISCO Autosampler Manual
ISCO Pressure Transducer Manual
ISCO to TROLL level logger configuration

Sondes, meters and sensors

YSI Sondes User Manual
YSI ROX Optical DO Sensor FAQs
How YSI measures DO
WTW Model 350 pH, DO, Ec, and temperature
WTW Model 340 DO meter
WTW Model 340i Electrical Conductivity meter
Onset HOBO Model U24-001 Conductivity and Temperature Loggers
FTS DTS-12 SDI Turbidity Sensor
Turner Designs Aquaflor field fluorometer
Ion-selective electrodes


Shimadzu GC-8A with FID detector
Shimadzu Integrator
6-port GC sampling valve layout and operation


Campbell CR-10x datalogger
Tipping Buckets
Ion Chromatograph (Soils Lab)
Impulse LR User Manual

Analytical protocols

For Lachat protocols see lab documentation
pH in water (EPA)
Specific conductance or electrical conductivity (EPA)
Nitrates/Nitrites (EPA)
Nitrite alone (EPA)
Phosphorus, all forms (EPA)
Phosphorus, particulate (manual digestion and spec)
Ammonium (OPA)
TSS (UVM, see also EPA, USGS)
LOI, AFDW, loss on ignition methods (UVM see also EPA, USGS)
Total Kjeldahl N or TKN (EPA)
TDN and TDP by persulfate digestion
Ion chromatography (e.g., Cl, Br, NO3)
Ion selective electrodes (e.g. Cl, Br)
Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium by flame AA (EPA)
ICP-AES methods for base cations and other metals (EPA, see also USGS)
Alkalinity (USGS)
Moss point transects (ARC LTER)
Moss proximate analysis (ARC LTER)

Technical Guidance

Original USGS Time of Travel (Tracer Addition) Guidance (Hubbard et al. 1982)
Updated USGS Time of Travel (Tracer Addition) Guidance (Kilpatrick and Wilson 1989)
Slug additions for discharge - mass method (Hudson and Fraser 2005)
Slug additions for discharge - volume method (Moore 2005)
On-line Guide to Diatoms in North America
Acid preservation of DOC samples: effects on TOC analyzer

Methods compendia

Lachat compendium of methods, ranges, and detection limits
Equivalent EPA and Hach/Lachat methods
National Environmental Methods Index
USGS Methods (TRWI)
USGS National Water Quality Methods Manual
EPA Test Methods Index
Vermont ANR Water Quality Division Field Methods Manual
Arctic LTER streams protocols (see also Land-Water and Lakes)
Northeast Temperate Network Lakes and Streams Monitoring Protocol
US Bureau of Reclamation Water Measurement Manual
US Bureau of Reclamation miscellaneous manuals of interest

Tools and Templates

Worksheet to calculate recipes for standard curves
Directions for using SPSS for flow data analysis
Worksheet to correct HOBO level logger data for barometric pressure (and example)
Worksheet for stock concentrations for solute injection experiments
General solute injection field procedures
Reconstruction of Kilpatrick and Cobb Rhodamine WT pulse experiment
Pulse tracer addition experiment equations
Key equations in whole-stream metabolism (WSM) analysis
Field protocols for WSM, SIE, and REA fieldwork
YSI calibration: Global versus Local setting
Solubility of O2 on water as a function of temperature
Relationship between Conductivity and [Chloride]

Statistical Advice

What statistical test to use (A. Marenco)
Statsoft Electronic Textbook (Dell Software)
Handbook of Biological Statistics (JH MacDonald)
Statistical Methods in Hydrology (USGS)
Ordination Methods for Ecologists (M. Palmer)

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