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Next Gen Group

The Next Generation Group

A peer network of today's and tomorrow's leaders in Vermont business.

The Next Generation group provides a confidential forum for future business owners and leaders to discuss their challenges and aspirations. This group meets bi-monthly and is facilitated by a professional business advisor. Areas of exploration in the coming year include, but are not limited to: self-assessment, leadership development, inter-family communication, and strategic planning.

Participation in the Next Generation group is a highly personal experience. All matters discussed between individuals and businesses are expected to remain confidential and private. The Next Generation group represents a smaller, more intimate group for exploring and applying themes and concepts delivered through the VFBI quarterly forums. Frequent participation in these forums is essential to establish a baseline knowledge of business leadership, transition and succession topics.

What YOU can expect to gain from participation in the Next Generation Group:

  • A unique leadership development experience with your business peers;
  • Self assessment of your leadership style;
  • Confidential sharing of business and personal challenges;
  • An exploration of leadership themes and concepts;
  • Continuous learning and self-improvement;
  • Professionally facilitated and honest discussion;
  • Exposure to frequent guest speakers and resource experts.

Next Generation criteria:

  • From a family or closely held business;
  • Represent the Next Generation of leadership or ownership within that business or a related one;
  • Members of the group must be committed to participating in the group on a regular basis (6-8 meetings annually)and contributing to the direction of the group as a whole;
  • Groups will consist of no more than (8) businesses;
  • Membership in the Vermont Family business Initiative and regular attendance at VFBI quarterly forums.

Membership Levels

Level I Level II
$2750 $2250

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