University of Vermont

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  1. A public meeting place for open discussion.
  2. A medium of open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a seminar or business education program.
  3. A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.

The Family Business Initiative at UVM holds several business forums annually. Participation is open to members of the FBI @ UVM, invited guests and business owners. Discussions are open, honest, and strictly confidential. A few member comments from our most recent forums include:

  • "My first forum, I'll be back."
  • "Like a sponge, I always seek to soak up more knowledge. This forum was most enlightening."
  • "It's the information that we have received at these forums over the years that helped us to recently transfer our business successfully."
  • "The interaction with other businesses was extremely valuable."
  • "This forum was very hands on and specific to my business needs."
  • "The presenter had directness and grassroots knowledge of the subject and; there was no sugar coating the problem."
  • "I realized that I need to start planning NOW"

The FBI@UVM slide show of past programs:

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