University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

“Key Person” (non-family) forum

A peer group specifically for non-family managers and executives in family owned businesses to discuss challenges, opportunities and more fully understand and appreciate the role that each plays in their respective firms. All matters discussed between individuals and businesses are confidential and private. The Key Person group represents a smaller, more intimate group for exploring and applying themes and concepts delivered through the FBI@UVM forums.

Non-family employees play a critical role in any family business. non-family managers tend to hold a very positive view of their respective firms, while at the same time possess a very different set of perspectives regarding the efficacy of management and the capacity of the firm for innovation and change. A recent survey of 200+ year old businesses found the following 3 reasons owners cited success across so many generations:

  • Quality of product/service.
  • Strong sense of family history.
  • Willingness to employ non-family executives with unique skill sets.
The Key Person Group is for member non-family managers and executives form member companies in the FBI@UVM to come together in a confidential forum to learn more about the unique dynamics of a family business, improve dialog with the family and more clearly define their role in the growth and succession of the business.

What YOU can expect to gain from participation in the Key Person Group:

  • Unique networking opportunities with your business peers;
  • Confidential sharing of business and financial challenges;
  • A Board of Advisors to offer unbiased feedback on a monthly basis;
  • Continuous discussion regarding your role in the businesses succession plan;
  • Professionally facilitated and honest discussion;
  • Exposure to innovative people, business leaders and ideas.

Key Person Group criteria:

  • From a family or privately owned business;
  • Represent the business honestly and with the support of current ownership;
  • Groups will consist of no more than (8) businesses;
  • Membership in the Vermont Family Business Initiative and regular attendance at VFBI quarterly forums.

The Key Person Group is open to all members of The Family Business Initiative at UVM. Meetings are quarterly or as needed.

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