Marketing Concentration

There are a vast number of areas in business and non-profit organizations where knowledge of marketing is essential. Marketing careers can range in complexity and scope from managing a small retail firm to being involved in brand and product management, sales and sales management, advertising management and new product development.

Whatever the specific position, marketing opportunities demand individuals who are able to engage in analysis, planning, implementation, and control of programs in dynamic and often unstructured environments. Marketing attracts people who are creative and who can combine their knowledge with hard work and the willingness to ask "what if" questions.

Concentration Courses:

Marketing Faculty:

Dr. Carolyn Bonifield
209 Kalkin Hall
(802) 656-0516

Dr. Tom Noordewier
Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs
204 Kalkin Hall
(802) 656-0496

Dr. Jim Sinkula
206 Kalkin Hall
(802) 656-0497

Dr. Amy Tomas
208 Kalkin Hall
(802) 656-4711

Dr. Chun Zhang
213a Kalkin Hall
(802) 656-4116