Sample Letter to External Reviewers


Dear Professor : Dr. , Professor in the University of Vermont's School of Business Administration, will be considered this fall for promotion to associate professor rank and granting of tenure. Evaluations of the research and publications performance of faculty members considered for reappointment, promotion and tenure are very significant parts of our overall review process. In this regard substantial weight is given to judgments by recognized, highly productive scholars who are knowledgeable about the candidate's area of research activity. Thank you for your willingness to consider serving as an evaluator. Our consideration of Dr. 's qualifications for promotion and tenure would benefit greatly from your candid assessment of the quality of the enclosed examples of 's published work. Dr. 's primary research interests are in the area of organization and work design with a specific focus on the impact of organizational change on first line supervisors and middle managers. Several papers related to this primary area are enclosed. A secondary area of research has been in strategic planning. Two papers related to this secondary research area also are included. We would appreciate your written evaluation of the sample of Dr. 's research and publications with respect to such characteristics as: reputation of journal outlets, including standards and procedures for editorial review; usefulness of findings and conclusions for other academic researchers, and for policy makers and managers in business and government; appropriateness of research designs employed; effectiveness in communicating the subject matter addressed in publications; degree of insight and creativity in formulating and analyzing research problems and interpreting research results; evidence of patterns of progression in the significance of the candidate's work over time. Your views on Dr. 's capabilities for future research productivity also will be of value to us. In our promotion and tenure review process, your evaluation letter will be used by our FSC and me in preparing a recommendation to the University Provost. The Provost and a University Faculty Affairs Committee advisory to the Provost also will have access to your evaluation. Although the content of your letter will be made available to Dr. , your name and institutional affiliation will be masked in providing that content to the candidate. To facilitate the School and University level stages of our overall promotion and tenure review process, we need to receive your evaluation by no later than November 15, 200__. Our University and School policies require that supporting documentation for faculty promotion and tenure actions include résumés of external reviewers. I would appreciate your enclosing a copy of your résumé along with your evaluation letter. Thoughtful and thorough faculty promotion and tenure reviews are vital to maintaining high standards of academic quality at the University of Vermont. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Sincerely yours,