Sample Letter to Alumni



Dear _________ :

The decision as to whether a faculty member at the University of Vermont should or should not be reappointed, promoted and granted tenure is of very great importance to the future of the School of Business Administration and the University.

This year ________________ will be considered for first reappointment at the rank of assistant professor. I hope you will help us reach a wise and fair decision by writing a letter describing and evaluating Professor _______ qualities as a teacher.

Your letter will be shared with the FSC of the School of Business Administration. The candidate will have the opportunity to read the letter, but in this case your name will be expunged, and if your letter is handwritten, it will be copied in typescript. Subject to this procedure, we will preserve the confidentiality of your evaluation to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Overall teaching effectiveness is a combination of many factors. Important outcomes include enabling the student to learn to think and to learn the material of the course. The effective teacher should possess mastery of the subject matter, skill in organization and clarity of presentation of the material, ability to stimulate student interest, concern for and accessibility to students, and skill in evoking and guiding class participation. Different students may be impressed differently by one or another of these factors, depending on the student, course, and the instructor.

We would like you to evaluate Professor _______ by those criteria that seem useful and appropriate to you. Whatever criteria you apply, it would help us if you would very briefly state them.

The appraisals provided by students and recent graduates who have taken courses with the individual faculty member play an important part in the evaluation process. To facilitate the School and University level stages of our overall review procedures, I would like to receive your evaluation by Monday, October 1_, 200_.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,