Evaluation Anonymity

Why do you need my name and Social Security Number if these Evaluations are Anonymous?

The Evaluation system is set up to allow you, and only you, to evaluate those courses that you have taken this semester. In order for us to maintain that level of security and integrity, we have to verify that you are indeed who you say you are, and we do that by comparing your name and the last 5 digits of your social security number with an enrollment list that we download each semester from the registrar.

Once you hit the Submit button on the evaluation form, a flag is set in the enrollment list saying that you have successfully evaluated that one class. The answers you selected on the evaluation are entered into a second table with the only linking data pointing to the course being evaluated. At that point, the answers are completely divorced from the person evaluating the course.

When do faculty have access to evaluation results?

The faculty are required to submit final grades for the semester to the registrar at noon on the Monday following the last final exam. In order to ensure that evaluation results do not affect the grades that faculty assign to students, faculty are not capable of viewing evaluation results until after this due date has passed.

Can students view evaluation results for previous courses?

Yes. For all sections of a course that receive at least a 70% response rate, aggregate numerical results are available to the public. The essay style answers at the end of the evaluation are only available to the faculty who taught the section and the Dean of the School of Business Administration for the purposes of evaluating faculty teaching. The decision was made not to provide essay answers to the public because of the "inappropriate nature" of some of the comments. Some think the public is being protected from obscenity or slanderous statements, but this data monkey is betting on atrocious spelling and grammar.

Evaluation results are available to students the moment they are available to faculty, at noon-time on the Monday following the last final exam.