Mobile Computing Requirement

Business school graduates are expected to be proficient in the use of information technology. To support this goal, all students enrolled in the School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont are required to own a portable computer. At a minimum, your computer must be able to run these programs:

Apple portable computers are supported but they must have:

Minimum Recommended Hardware Specs (PC or Mac):

Recommended Hardware Specs:

Because the School requires a mobile computer, the cost can be included in any Financial Aid award for which you are eligible. For more information, contact Student Financial Services by phone: (802) 656-5700 or email:

The IT Staff at the UVM School of Business is able to provide computer recommendations to incoming students. We use and have knowledge of both Windows and OS X systems.

As a service to students, the university has an on-campus computer reseller which offers quality machines with extended warranties and which meet the above requirements. They also provide on-campus hardware support for problems associated with computers purchased through them. Contact the Computer Depot, phone: (802) 656-3067, e-mail:

Computing requirement Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my laptop is stolen? Contact the Computer Depot and campus or local police department and file a theft report with your insurance company. We recommend you insure the computer against theft on your homeowner's insurance or through a third-party insurance agent.

Q. What should I do on a regular basis to maintain my laptop? Regularly update antivirus software and virus definitions; back up data files; change your password; defragment your hard drive; ensure your computer has the latest updates.

Q. What if I already own a notebook computer? Your computer may NOT be able to run the required software packages and you will be at a disadvantage if your computer doesn't meet the performance requirements over your four years at UVM. Several mandatory BSAD courses require notebook computers in class to complete quizzes, exams and other exercises. It may be necessary to remove software that is not compatible with the school's required software. Call (802) 656-8327 or 802 656-1003 to discuss the adequacy of your current machine.

Q. How will I use my notebook computer in class? You will use this tool in and out of the classroom to perform one or more of the following tasks: Quizzes & exams, in-class exercises, Word processing, spreadsheet analysis, PowerPoint presentations, note taking, Internet access, database development, e-mail access, wireless network access, collaborative projects, statistical analysis.

Q. Should I buy extra batteries? Depending on the power management settings and how the computer is being used, a typical charge will last from 2-4 hours. Some students opt to purchase a second battery. It may also be handy to have a second AC Adapter in order to keep one in the student's room and the other permanently in the computer back-pack while traveling.

Q. Why does BSAD require students to own a computer? We view learning computer skills as an integral part of your education. The required software has been incorporated into the School's curriculum.

Q. Who will service my computer while I am at UVM? For computer systems purchased through the University's Computer Depot, they provide hardware support. If you purchase a system from another vendor, that vendor will service your computer according to the terms of your purchase agreement. The business school provides BSAD students on-site software support.

Q: What about Financial Aid? If a student must purchase a new computer, s/he may request to have the cost of the computer included in his/her cost of attendance (financial aid budget), so that additional loans may be borrowed to help with the cost. This request may only be made once per student, and loan eligibility will vary between students. For more details please click here.

Q: Who do I consult about pricing? For questions regarding pricing of the computer systems: contact the University's Computer Depot: call (802) 656-3067, send e-mail to, visit the Depot at 112 Davis Center or visit the Depot's website.