Teaching Availability

Per Article 14.3 of the Part Time Faculty Union Agreement, each semester and summer, the relevant unit (academic department, colleges or schools or Continuing Education (CE)) shall determine which courses need to be filled by part-time faculty and when such courses shall be offered. To assist in the planning of such assignments for forthcoming semesters and for the summer sessions, Lecturers shall fill out a teaching availability form. Such form shall be posted on the University and college/school/CE web sites and may be downloaded by the faculty member. A faculty member who is interested in any assignments in the School of Business Administration for an upcoming academic year must fill out the Teaching Availability Form (PDF) and send it to:

School of Business Administration
The University of Vermont
218 Kalkin Hall
55 Colchester Ave.
Burlington, VT 05405

You can also call 802 656-8327 for more information.