About the Advisor Online Evaluation Survey

In an effort to enhance student retention, meet university expectations regarding assessment of advising, and address student concerns with faculty advising, the School of Business Administration implemented an On-Line Advisor Evaluation process in spring 2004. To minimize demands on students to complete surveys, this process is linked to our fall and spring course evaluation process. Thus, we are able to assess advising at the end of each semester. The results are anonymous and not linked with the student who answered the questions. The only information stored that is directly associated with the student is the following:
  1. Did the student fill out an evaluation?
  2. Did the student think they knew their advisor name? (i.e., did they choose the "Don't know my advisor…" from the advisor list?)
  3. Did the student select the advisor of record correctly from the list of advisors?
  4. If the answer to #3 is "No," then who did the student select from the list?

The objective of this survey is to provide constructive feedback to academic advisors and gain insight to help strengthen advising and related administrative processes and support systems in the School of Business Administration.

The following "Statement of Confidentiality" appears at the bottom of each screen: The results of this evaluation are confidential. Personal information is collected in order to ensure that a student will fill out this evaluation only once per evaluation period (semiannual).

COMMENT: The student is asked to select the advisor's name from a dropdown list to give us a fundamental indication of the quality of the relationship between the student and the advisor. If the incorrect advisor is selected or the student does not know their advisor’s name, one of the following messages appears:

"You indicate that you don't know the name of your advisor" ...OR... "Your advisor choice didn't match the Advisor of Record on file at the Registrar's office."

In all cases, the advisor's photo and other information appears on the screen with the following text:

"According to our records your advisor is: X. XXXXX. If this information is not correct, please contact Student Services:

BSAD Student Services
Office: 101 Kalkin
Phone: 656-4015
Email: studentservices@bsad.uvm.edu

For the purposes of this survey, use your Advisor of Record, X. XXXXX when responding to these questions."