Strategic Plan

The Grossman School of Business supports the University’s Strategic Plan, Vision, Mission and Goals with its own Vision, Shared Principles, Aspiration Statements and Goals.

Grossman School of Business Mission Statement

Strategic Plan: Vision, Shared Principles, Aspiration Statements, and Goals, Approved by the faculty 4/25/2010


The School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont will be recognized as a leader in management education and scholarly research. Graduates of its programs will have mastered not only the technical tools of management, but also developed the capacity for and commitment to life-long learning. The school will distinguish itself by the intellectual rigor of both the undergraduate and graduate programs and by the integration of faculty research into the curriculum.

Shared Principles
Aspiration Statements

Faculty and staff of the School of Business Administration are committed to enhance the national recognition of the school and its resource base.

Goal Statements for the School of Business Administration

Our goal statements help us prioritize our daily, weekly and monthly activities for the benefit of our learning community: