Mark Connolly, MIS major, '86

Mark ConnellyMark Conn0lly '86

Mark Connolly graduated from UVM in 1986, with his degree in Business Administration, and a concentration in MIS. He worked for a couple of years as a programmer in retail, before joining CSC in 1988. CSC is a fortune 500 global information systems consulting firm, with over 93,000 employees worldwide. CSC has developed a strong relationship with UVM, recruiting over 30 students into CSC's associate training programs over the years dating back to 1990.

During his 21 years with CSC, Connolly has spent all his time based in CSC’s Waltham, MA office. Prior to his current role as Operations Manager for a national practice of roughly 300 consultants, he supported both the Boston and Atlanta CSC offices from a consulting operations perspective. Early in his CSC career, he was a consultant for 10 years with an industry focus primarily in financial services, with assignments at State Street, Fleet, The Boston Company, and Wellington Management, as well as assignments in publishing and utilities. Markstarted as a developer, and evolved his career with roles as business analyst, team lead, project manager and program manager. He served as an Account Manager, focused on the financial services market from 1999 thru 2003, until moving into operations in 2003, where he’s been ever since.

When asked what he likes most about CSC he responded with:

Connolly has been married for 10 years to Carolann and they have a 6 year old son, Ryan. He grew up in Wakefield, MA, just north of Boston and now lives in Reading, MA (right next to Wakefield). Outside of work, his interests are in boating, swimming, biking, skiing (water & snow), snowmobiling, hiking and relaxing with his family in Maine. He also loves Porsche automobiles.