Chad Brodsky, Finance major, '09

Chad BrodskyChad Brodsky '09

Chad Brodsky graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UVM in June 2009 with a concentration in Finance. Immediately upon graduation, he took on the strategic role as Financial Analyst at Vermont Federal Credit Union. Some of his responsibilities include assessing interest rate risk exposure and revamping the Asset Liability forecasting procedure within the institution. Vermont Federal is a member owned financial institution that currently serves over 27,000 members.

Chad dually balances his position at Vermont Federal Credit Union with his start-up company Burlington Brew Tours LLC. Burlington Brew Tours LLC is Vermont’s only all-inclusive beer excursion; giving its customers the opportunity to expand their pallets and minds to the vast universe of craft brewing.

A monumental Business School experience for Chad occurred when he returned from a semester abroad in Vienna and was dreaming of his business idea. Enrolled in BSAD 192 Business Process Improvement provided insight into the fast approaching working world, by pairing classmates up with a local business to understand the procedures of streamlining business processes. He believes if someone is persistent and not bogged down by life's obstacles, "success will find you!"

You can find Chad through the Vermont Federal Credit Union or Burlington Brew Tours LLC.