Alumni Stories

Our alums are reinventing their industries and proving on a daily basis that a UVM business education provides an invaluable head start in life. Read about some of them ...

Chad Brodsky

Chad Brodsky,

Finance, '09

Evan Walden

Evan Walden,

Marketing, '09

Heather Schill

Heather Schill,

Human Resource Management, '07

Jordan Saxe

Jordan Saxe,

International Business, '02

Sarah Madey

Sarah Madey,

Marketing and Human Resource Management, '09

Christine Morgan

Christine Morgan,

Accounting, '10

Rob Cronin

Rob Cronin,

Marketing, '94

Mark Connelly

Mark Connolly,

MIS, '86

Heather Funk

Heather Funk,

Accounting, '06

Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker,

International Management, '09

John Troutman

Jon Troutman,

Marketing, '07

Premila Peters

Premila Peters,

MBA, '94

Amy Rosenkrantz

Amy Rosenkrantz,

Marketing, '09

Barry Rubinstein

Barry Rubinstein,

Production and Operation Management, '93

Michael Laramee

Michael Laramee,

MBA '08

Eric Little

Eric Little,

Human Resource & Sports Mgmt, '07

Charlene Begley

Charlene Begley,

Finance, '88

Matt Greer

Matt Greer,

Marketing, '10

Andrew Chase

Andrew Chase,

Marketing, '11

Alissa Sheftic

Alissa Sheftic,

Finance & Accounting, '10