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Signature Experience Course

Yet another way for students in the School of Business Administration to distinguish themselves in their future field is by taking part in a signature experience. Each year, students who evidence exceptional promise become immersed in their chosen fields and accelerate their involvement in course work and professional development. By senior year, this select group has the opportunity to bring their knowledge and skills to bear in addressing a real-world business problem put forward by experts in their field — they make valuable contacts with, and work alongside leaders in the industry.

Through signature experiences in finance, marketing research, and integrated product development, students define problems, collect and analyze data and recommend a course of action.

Spotlight on the Finance Honors Seminar

Students listen to top executives at Morgan StanleyFour students from the Finance Honors Seminar visit Morgan Stanley in NYC in September 2012 (left to right: Andrew Kozlowski, Yuilya Gulenko, David Ramada and Andrew Cornelia)

Students invited to participate in the class travel to New York City to meet with and present two case analyses to top executives at Morgan Stanley and the Capital Group.

More information on the three signature experiences

Finance Honors Seminar

This signature experience is by invitation only and is funded through the generous support of alumni. In this program, students benefit from the experience of presenting to professional analysts. Graduates who participated in this seminar are now successful professionals on Wall Street, in Vermont and elsewhere. Some have also chosen to attend law school.

Market Research Practicum

Students work with companies to complete market research projects. They work with the company to set research objectives, design a survey, collect and analyze data and present the research results. One student team collected satisfaction data at Ben and Jerry’s to get feedback and improve their factory tours. Another team conducted research on Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's website in order to improve internet sales. Other clients include Husky Injection Moldings, Cabot Creamery and Efficiency Vermont.

Integrated Product Development

This invitation only seminar is a three unit, interdisciplinary course whose objective is to simulate, as closely as possible, an industrial product development environment where engineers, designers and business administrators must work together in teams to bring an idea from concept to prototype, including an oral and written presentation of a business/marketing plan that will convince a simulated board of directors to fund further development. Past clients include Lake Champlain Chocolates and Hampton Direct.

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