University of Vermont

School of Business Administration


The mission of the University of Vermont's SEMBA program is to prepare and train individuals to create profitable and sustainable business opportunities in a world undergoing transformational change. SEMBA aims to develop the next generation of leaders who will build, disrupt, innovate, and reinvent sustainable business and enterprises in a world that demands it.

We're looking for people like you - people not content to do things the way they've always been done, the disrupters, innovators, and visionary entrepreneurs; people who think differently and know there's a better way to do business, and who are ready to embark on a business education that will prepare them to live differently, lead differently and profit differently. SEMBA is a business degree that has been specifically designed from the ground-up for people like you that understand that these times demand a new approach.

Beyond "Saddlebags"

Over the past 25 years, most major business schools in the world have added some kind of initiative, center, or program focused on sustainability, corporate citizenship, or social entrepreneurship. The problem is that virtually all of these initiatives, centers, or programs tend to hang off the side of the existing business school edifice. Like the proverbial "saddle bag" on a horse, the issues are contained within separate compartments that are readily visible from the outside, but have little impact on the behavior of the animal itself. Sustainability has joined other business school "saddle bag" issues such as ethics, entrepreneurship, and emerging economies, as a way to recognize, but stop short of fully integrating them into the core DNA of the institutions.

It is high time to move beyond saddle bag sustainability in business education. The social and environmental challenges we face call for nothing less. That is why the SEMBA curriculum is so unique and important: It seeks to fundamentally reinvent business education and the MBA degree to address the challenges we face in the 21st century-environment, ethics, entrepreneurship, poverty, and inequality. With SEMBA, we have taken off the saddle bags and designed a new horse. The curriculum is new and focused 100% on sustainable entrepreneurship.

Last modified May 11 2015 08:10 AM