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Why Sustainable Business?

The greatest challenge our world is facing now is reaching a sustainable level of growth. Growth that balances economic and social well-being with environmental harmony. With an increasingly limited amount of resources available, how do markets, driven by business and entrepreneurs, continue to create value, be successful, prosper and sustain an ever-growing population?

Sustainability while a global challenge, offers one of the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurs and enterprises to solve issues of climate change, access to water, income inequality, food production and distribution, and public health through innovation and disruptive technologies. The age of unlimited consumption and waste is over. But in this era of constrained resources, sustainability is not a compromise, it has become the foundation of business.

Renewable, reusable, sustainable approaches to business is the smart and profitable way forward. Across the world organizations large and small are adopting sustainability into their business models. Customers and suppliers are increasingly demanding it. Sustainability is unleashing a new wave of innovative and disruptive forces to create new profitable enterprises. A new eco-system that has embraced a triple bottom-line -- profits, people and planet -- is changing the management paradigm.

If you think our planet is too important for business-as-usual, why don't you take a look at our Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA? It's 100% sustainable entrepreneurship from the ground up, taught by world renowned sustainable business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Won't you join us?

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