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MBA Admission Requirements

The MBA program consists of prerequisite, core, and advanced courses. A student can be admitted to the Graduate College before completion of prerequisite courses, but all prerequisites must be completed before the student is admitted to candidacy for the MBA degree.

All applicants must meet the general requirements for admission to the Graduate College. In addition to transcripts of prior undergraduate and graduate work, the applicant is required to submit scores from the GMAT, the Graduate Management Admission Test (scores from alternative tests such as the GRE are also acceptable). Students are selected for admission based on high promise of academic achievement in the MBA program. That promise will be judged by previous academic work, graduate exam scores, relevant work experience, writing ability, and recommendations.

A minimum TOEFL score of 80 (or 550, depending on the test version) is required for admission. A minimum of 100 (or 600) is required for financial support. Applicants may take the IELTS in place of the TOEFL and need a minimum score of 6.5.

A maximum of 9 credits can be transferred from another MBA program. A maximum of 6 credits can be taken through UVM's Continuing Education Department prior to admission.

Prerequisite requirements

Each prerequisite course normally will be satisfied by completion of an appropriate three hour undergraduate level course. Prerequisite courses must be completed before enrollment in core courses.

Prerequisite courses

  1. Macroeconomic Principles (such as EC011 at UVM)
  2. Microeconomic Principles (such as EC012 at UVM)
  3. Differential Calculus (such as MATH 019 or 021 at UVM)
  4. Statistics (such as STAT 141 at UVM)

Learn about pre-MBA requirements and course registration from Continuing Education.

Note: Accepted students also are expected to be fluent in the Microsoft Office Professional group of applications. They may obtain this through course instruction, work experience, or self-instruction.

You can easily take one or more of these prerequisite courses through the pre-MBA sequence offered by the University.

Admission requirement exceptions

Students who have received undergraduate degrees in business within the past five years from schools accredited by the AACSB are allowed to waive the six Core courses and enter the program at the advanced level. Please discuss this with the Dean of Graduate programs and make note of this intention on your application.

Professionals with significant work experience in a particular subject area may be able to waive one or more core classes upon successful completion of qualifying examinations.

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