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Len J. Tashman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus

Len Tashman is not currently associated with the School of Business Administration at the University of Vermont.

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Dr. Tashman retired May 2002. He joined the UVM faculty in 1971 following a two-year stint with the Federal Reserve Board. His teaching responsibilities include the MBA courses in Managerial Economics, Business Forecasting, Decision Making and a core course in Quantitative Methods for the MBA program. Dr. Tashman is the author of a text, The Ways and Means of Statistics, and has published articles in the Southern Economic Journal, National Tax Journal, Journal of Education Finance, Education Record, Journal of the American Statistical Association and the International Journal of Forecasting.

His reviews of microcomputer software for business forecasting have been presented to the International Institute of Forecasters and the International Association of Business Forecasting. Dr. Tashman has served as a tax policy adviser to Vermont state government, was a Director of the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation for nine years, and has been a consultant for several municipal agencies and corporations in the state.

Suggested topics for comment:
State aid to education, forecasting.

International Institute of Forecasters; American Educational Finance Association; American Society of Public Administration.

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Publication History

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