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School of Business Administration

Patrick Raymund James M Garcia, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Office: 318 Kalkin
Phone: (802) 656-0507

Office Hours: Tuesdays 10:00-11:00am, Thursdays 1:15-2:15pm or by appointment

Patrick Garcia is an Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Vermont. Prior to this appointment, Patrick worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Australian National University where he also earned his PhD degree in Business (Organizational Behavior). His research focuses on the antecedents, mechanisms, and consequences of workplace aggression (e.g., supervisory abuse and workplace deviance) as well as the role of socio-cognitive factors in career development. He has won best paper awards at the Annual Conference of the US Academy of Management (AoM, Social Issues in Management Division, 2011) and the Australian Industrial/Organizational Psychology Conference (2011). Patrick has also published in well-respected outlets such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Research in Personality, and Journal of Career Assessment.

Courses Currently Taught by Patrick Raymund James Garcia:

Publication History

Journal Article, Academic Journal
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