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Allison F. Kingsley, MSL, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

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Office: 302 Kalkin
Phone: (802) 656-3464

Office Hours: Tu/Th 1:00-2:30pm or by appointment


Professor Kingsley earned her Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University, where she was a multi-year Jacob K. Javits Scholar. She also received her M.S.L. from Yale Law School and B.A. cum laude from Rice University.

Professor Kingsley's RESEARCH examines political risk and how it affects firms' location decisions, strategies, and performance. She focuses on the international and domestic investments of established and entrepreneurial firms. For methods, she employs game theory and formal modeling, large-N econometrics, case studies, and (forthcoming) field experiments. She has publications, R&Rs, multiple articles under review, and a pipeline of working papers that aim to advance understanding in the fields of political economy, strategy, international business, and entrepreneurship. She has been awarded research grants from institutions such as Ford Foundation, Sloan Foundation, and Center for International Business Education.

See Professor Kingsley's invited talk at USC on political risk and capital flows (April 7, 2014): view minutes 5 to 28.

Professor Kingsley's current TEACHING interests include both market and nonmarket strategy and emerging markets, and she is the recipient of multiple teaching awards, including the business school's Professor of the Year (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015) and UVM's Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching (2012-2013). Previously, Professor Kingsley taught political economy courses at New York University and Yale University.

Prior to joining the UVM faculty, Professor Kingsley worked on WALL STREET for a decade, first in M&A investment banking at Lehman Brothers and then on the buy-side at Ambac and Reformation / PartnerRe principal finance. During those years, she focused on infrastructure, energy, and banking sectors, mainly investing in emerging market distressed debt and mezzanine deals. She executed several billions of dollars of transactions globally, and continues to manage an active CONSULTING practice on emerging markets, political risk, and strategy.

Professor Kingsley lived throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa where she spoke Arabic with working knowledge of Hebrew and French. She now lives (and skis) in Vermont with her family.


"Political Markets and Regulatory Uncertainty: Insights and Implications for Integrated Strategy." with R. Vanden Bergh, J. Bonardi. Academy of Management Perspectives. 2012. 26(3): 52-67. *Financial Times Top 45 Journals.

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"Transaction Cost Economics and FDI Transaction Prices" with T. Noordewier.

"Information Sources and Foreign Investor Heterogeneity" with B. Graham and N. Johnston.


"Using Sovereign CDS Spreads to Predict Default Probabilities and Recovery Rates across Emerging Market Asset Classes."

"The Politics of Investibility Rules in Emerging Markets Debt."

"The Price of Politics: Equity Markets and Political Change."

"Measuring Political Risk in U.S. States" with R. Vanden Bergh.

"The Politics of Startups: Risk and Entrepreneurship in U.S. States," with R. Vanden Bergh.

"Social Networks, Strategy and Performance in Emerging Markets" with C. Cruz and B. Graham.


War, Seizure, and Dark Saturday Nights: A Unified Approach to Political Risk with B. Graham and N. Johnston.

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