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Susan B. Hughes, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Contact Information
Office: 314 Kalkin
Phone: 802 656-0504

Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00 - 3:30 or by appointment

Dr. Hughes is an associate professor of accounting. Prior to joining the UVM faculty in 2006, she spent 17 years teaching at Butler University in Indianapolis where she was twice elected the faculty commencement speaker by the senior class and the recipient of other teaching awards. Her research has been published in the Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Journal of International Accounting, Auditing & Taxation, Research in Accounting Regulation, Advances in Environmental Accounting, Issues in Accounting Education, Journal of Accounting Education, Accounting Education: An International Journal, Strategic Finance, Management Accounting Quarterly, and other publications. She has presented numerous research papers at meetings of the American Accounting Association, the Institute of Management Accountants, the European Accounting Association, and other national and international accounting conferences. She taught for one semester in Auckland, New Zealand, and worked during another in Mexico City. Before her academic career, she worked in public accounting and banking.

She currently serves as a member of the American Accounting Association Council, as the Past President of the American Accounting Association Northeast Region, and a committee chair to the American Accounting Association International Accounting Section.

Since her arrival at UVM, Professor Hughes has taught BSAD 060 Principles of Financial Accounting, BSAD 061 Principles of Management Accounting, BSAD161 Intermediate Accounting I, BSAD306 Survey of Accounting, and multiple sections of BSAD395 pertaining to business analysis and consulting and the international case class. She has also advised three Honors College theses, one of which was subsequently published in Research in Accounting Regulation. She is a member of the Honors College Council, the Graduate College Executive Committee, the School of Business Graduate Studies Committee (Chair), the AQ/PQ Committee, and the ad-hoc committee on determining journal quality (Chair). She has worked closely with Associate Dean Gurdon to develop and implement the Masters of Accountancy program.

Courses Currently Taught by Susan Hughes:

Publication History

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