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Production Operations Management (POM) Concentration

The Production and Operations Management (POM) concentration is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop a program of study focusing on the needs of modern organizations for technically oriented managers of productive systems.

Careers in Production Operations Management

There are a variety of job opportunites in the field of POM. Opportunities include positions in operations, inventory management, quality assurance and statistical process control, operations scheduling and control, industrial engineering, warehousing, and purchasing. Learn more about careers and our alumni.

POM Faculty

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For assistance with Statistics courses, please contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at (802) 656-4353.

Objectives and expectations

The specific objectives are threefold: to provide students with a curriculum oriented toward working-world practicalities, to prepare students for entry-level positions in manufacturing, service and government organizations, and to provide students with an academic foundation for graduate studies. Students electing this concentration will be expected to demonstrate insight into the effective use of modern methods for planning, analyzing and controlling basic operations of organizations, and insights into the proper design of systems to support operations.

Concentration courses/requirements

All business students are required to take BSAD 173, Production and Operations Analysis, as one of the upper level core courses. To complete the concentration at least 12 additional credit hours (4 courses) in the POM area are required. In addition, the required quantitative methods core course should be selected in such a way as to enhance the POM concentration.

  • BSAD 143 - Structured Analysis and Design of Business Systems
  • BSAD 174 - Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • BSAD 268 - Cost Accounting
  • BSAD 270 - Quantitative Analysis of Managerial Decisions
  • BSAD 293 - Integrated Product Development

Students who elect the concentration of Production and Operations Management are urged to consult with an advisor in the POM areas for advice in designing a program. Advising is especially important in the area of POM since concentration courses are frequently chosen from outside of the School of Business Administration.

Students must have exceptions to the concentration courses listed above approved by a faculty advisor in Production and Operations.

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