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Internships are educational experiences in a professional environment where students experience a chance to integrate the theory with the actual practice of business solutions. Internships have become a necessary component of higher education — they enable students to be discerning about the type of work they wish to pursue (and don't wish to pursue) after graduation; they offer experiences that are very different from classroom learning; they show future employers that they have experience working in a true business setting. Often, a positive internship experience can lead to a post-graduation position.

Internship Spotlight

Andrew CorneliaAndrew Cornelia, Senior, double major in Business Administration and Studio Art

Internship: Planning and Merchandising Intern, E-Commerce, Ralph Lauren (RL)

Job Description: My experience as an e-commerce, summer intern with Ralph Lauren allowed me the insight into corporate planning, and forecasting, as well as retain buying and merchandising. I created competitive analyses and hindsight reports for RL's multiple women's brands, analyzing weekly and seasonal data to create reports that resulted in immediate and recognizable increases in e-commerce sales. In addition, I took ownership and lead a project team to research the significant decline in sales for RL's Women's Golf line during a two week interval and came to specific and measurable results that were then presented to upper management for final review. Next, I collaborated wtih the Ralph Lauren subsidiary Club Monaco team to determine and execute appropriate seasonal buys that were then presented to the Club Monaco's CEO for approval. Finally, in a capstone, internship-wide event, I was chosen by the program directors to serve as one of 12 team leaders in a citywide event consisting of the 100+ creative and corporate Ralph Lauren summer interns.

What I Learned: I can’t say enough about how rewarding and insightful the internship was. It provided not only a holistic opportunity to live and work in a big city, but more importantly the chance to become a truly valued part of a global industry leader. Everyday provided a new opportunity to learn from the people around me; interns, associates, directors, and even VPs. Through osmosis and an extremely approachable employee base, I was able to soak up everything from how the company forecasted future demand, how the merchandisers decided on what trends would sell next season, to even how to maintain and build value around an established brand. Apart from Ralph Lauren specifics, I learned about the process of ownership, presentation, collaboration, and even leadership.

At the School of Business, we work collaboratively with our students to convey the very best internships, as well as the resources for landing these spots, to our students.

Who should intern?

We encourage all students to find pre-professional work experiences. Business students can earn up to six elective credits in conjunction with an internship experience, contact Student Services for more information.

How do I find an internship?

Businesses looking for interns contact the School of Business Administration regularly. These job openings are then managed by Career Services office, the professional development experts on campus.

There are many resources available to business students wishing to find an internship including:

  • faculty advisors and the many connections they have
  • planned meetings with our high-caliber Board of Advisors for internship networking
  • alumni career advisors
  • networking trips
  • career information panels
  • Career Services internship programs and database of internships

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