University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Business Students Among 2014 Honors College Scholars

Honors College Scholars graduate with skills and experiences that open doors to prospective employers and graduate schools alike.

Students in the Honors College are typically fully immersed in campus life, both through their scholarly work and their active involvement in clubs and organizations.

We are pleased to announce the 2014 Honors College Scholars from the School of Business Administration. 

·         Haley Cantone, Where Can the David Bowie Bonds Lead?  Advisor:  Michael Tomas, Ph.D.   

·         Alessandro Carissimo, The Impact a Final Four Appearance has on the Number of Applications and Average SAT Scores at a University.  Advisor:  Michael Tomas, Ph.D.    

·         Tianze Chang, How Does the Speed of Task Completion and Supervisory Ethical Behavior Affect Perceived Accuracy, Task Completion, Intentions, and Attitudes towards Supervisor in a Dependent Work Sequence?  Advisor:  Rocki Lee DeWitt Ph.D. 

·         Danielle Francis, Effective Use of Social Media in Businesses.  Advisor:  Carolyn Bonifield, Ph.D.  

·         Meghn Jay, Social Demonstrations of Rationality: A Study in Group Exercise Behavior.  Advisors:  Hugh Marble, Ph.D. , James Sinkula, Ph.D.

·         Charles Kimbell, Poop and Profit.  Advisor:  Michael Tomas, Ph.D.  

·         Gregory Wachtel, The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Real Estate Investment Trusts in the U.S.. Advisor:   Kevin Chiang, Ph.D.  

·         Kevin Whitehead, The Impact of European Football Transfers on Share Price.  Advisor:  Michael Tomas, Ph.D.