University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Executive MBA Students from Switzerland Visit UVM

The students from Fribourg Switzerland attend a lecture at School of Business Administration by Bill Reichert.

All this week here at the University of Vermont School of Business Administration, we have been proud to host 16 Executive MBA students from Fribourg, Switzerland, along with their academic advisor. 

The students were welcomed by Dean Sharma and MBA program leader Willy Cats-Baril, and spent the week joining UVM's students in marketing, supply chain, accounting, social responsibility, family enterprise and organizational classes.

They also visited several world renowned Vermont based businesses including, BioTek, Ben & Jerry's, IBM and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

One interesting takeaway from their trip was summed up by one of the students Marie De Faria e Castro, she said "the ecological consciousness of companies here in Vermont is surprising, being from Switzerland, I didn’t think U.S. companies focused on the environment."