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Men's Hockey Players and Business School Students Surprise Kids at Farmstead Outdoor RInk

Members of the University of Vermont men's hockey team made a surprise visit to the Farmstead neighborhood outdoor skating rink in Shelburne on Sunday night to skate and play hockey with roughly 20 local children, who ranged from ages 2-16.

Some of the younger children made a video asking the UVM players to skate with them at the rink, and they sent it to junior captain H.T. Lenz, a School of Business Administration student, on Sunday. Within hours, Lenz responded and organized a group of players that would make the trip to Shelburne later that night.

“The kids were beside themselves with anticipation, and when the two cars of hockey players pulled in, I thought a few of them might just pass out from excitement,” said local parent and School of Business Administration Assistant Professor Allison Kingsley. “It had a few of us parents tearing up, and everyone smiling and cheering.  I'm pretty sure it was the best day of our year.”

Lenz led a group that included Anthony DeCenzo, Mike Montagna (a Business School studnet), Yvan Pattyn, Ryan Rosenthal (a Business School student), Jonathan Turk (a Business School student) and student manager Ryan Jordan.  The Catamounts began by playing a 3-on-3 exhibition game for the kids and then organized games for the various age groups.

“We all had a great time skating in Shelburne last weekend,” said Lenz. “It is always fun for us to give back, especially to the local kids in the area for whom we know we are role models. It was a great night for us as well as we don't get many opportunities to skate outdoors, so it was something we were very grateful to do.”

The Farmstead neighborhood has been building an outdoor rink as a community for the last 11 years. Throughout the winter, parents shovel snow and prepare the ice for skating and games the next day. Many of the local kids learn to skate and play hockey at the rink. 

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