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School of Business Administration

School of Business Administration Students Compete in Arizona Ethics Competition

Shanna Clement, Professor Rocki-Lee DeWitt and Emily Gutman

It’s often referred to as the “ultimate student learning experience” and earlier this month, two School of Business Administration students were chosen to represent the University of Vermont at the Eller Business Ethics Competition in Tucson, Arizona.

“On an academic level, we really hone in our presentation and analytical skills,” said Shanna Clement, a senior Business Administration student.  “We learned how to connect what we have learned in the classroom and apply them to a real world applications.”

Shanna Clement and Emily Gutman, a junior at the Business School, completed their analysis and recommendation to the Governor of Maryland on fracking of Marcellus shale and presented their recommendation to a panel of judges.  The two also had the opportunity to interact with students from 27 schools from Canada and the United States.

“It gave us a chance to really see how all of our classes tie together,” said Emily Gutman.  “It’s also important to see and hear other university experiences from students outside of UVM.  We enjoyed meeting student and advisors from other schools, it was a great way to learn about other business school’s curriculums.”

“Having the chance to present in front of people that you are not familiar with and have them judge you is an invaluable experience because it’s something we are likely to encounter in our future careers,” said Shanna.

“Shanna and Emily worked hard to secure input from multiple experts, refine their arguments, and develop a cohesive, professional presentation,” said Professor Rocki-Lee DeWitt, of the School of Business Administration.  “Although they did not place in the school’s first year of participating in the competition, they received multiple kudos from the event’s organizers and judges for their presentation skills and ability to answer questions.”

“Out of all the experiences and opportunities I have had at UVM, this is one of the best and most valuable,” Shanna said.