University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

2012 ALANA Student Achievement Award and Students Supporting Students Award Recipients

Baldwin Delgado
2012 ALANA Student Achievement Award Recipient

"Ask me for help" read Baldwin Delgado's button as he ran errands throughout Kalkin Hall last week. He had just come to his job as a Student Services Assistant from volunteering at the Dismantling Rape Culture Conference on campus, and even though he removed his button his willingness to help is a constant.

Baldwin, sole winner of the Student Supporting Students Award and 2012 ALANA Student Achievement Award recipent in the School of Business Administration, may be one of the best known Business Majors on campus. From giving advice to potential UVM students on Admitted Student Day to serving as the Risk Manager of Phi Mu Delta Fraternity and as the Publicist for the Black Student Union, Baldwin is the epitome of the involved student leader.

The list goes on as does his service and long lasting impact on UVM and its students. Associate Professor David Jones, presenter of the award says, "He is involved in so many things in the Business School, at UVM, and in his community. Through everything he does--volunteer work, student clubs, his employment and internship experiences. Baldwin touches the lives of everyone with whom he comes in contact."

Baldwin will graduate in May with an Accounting and Management Information Systems concentration, and credits his time in the School of Business Administration with helping him become the leader he is today.

"Through various group activities and projects, the School of Business has given me the confidence and knowledge I needed to succeed in various group dynamics. Leaders are those who take initiatives and I definitely have done that by staying involved on campus to make it better for future students."

Congratulations to Stacia Betley, Dennis Mahoney, and Jose Ovalle who were also awarded the 2012 ALANA Student Acheivement Award for the School of Business Administration at the annual ALANA Spring Awards Banquet on Friday, April 20th!