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A Spotlight on Innovative Business Practices

Marc Compagnon speaks to students and faculty at the 2012 Hoffman Family Business Lecture Series

The 2012 Hoffman Family Business Lecture Series speaker Marc Compagnon’s (’80) talk on “Doing Business in the Flat World” offered insights into supply chain management and innovative business practices in a global economy. 

Compagnon is the President of LF Sourcing at Li & Fung’s Global Agency Business for Apparel and Home Goods.  Li & Fung Limited specializes in supply chain management of high-volume, time-sensitive goods for leading retailers and brands worldwide via an extensive global network. 

“During Marc Compagnon’s talk, I am most impressed by the fact that Li & Fung and Marc Compagnon himself has positioned so well for changes by maintaining an open mindset (in terms of business options, career choices, etc.) and thinking and acting globally,” said Assistant Professor Jie Zhang, of the School of Business Administration.  “I hope my students learned a valuable lesson in managing a global supply chain: PEOPLE (knowledge, relationships, etc.) are the real assets in orchestrating complex global supply chains.”

“I thought the lecture was extremely informative and thoughtful,” said Kyle Weidman, a junior Business School student concentrating in Finance.

Compagnon holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Vermont.

Before his talk in the Billings North Lounge, Compagnon met with a small group of students over breakfast.  When asked how he got to where he is now, he talked about selling an old car and buying a one-way ticket overseas.

“I thought it was great listening to Marc Compagnon as a person who took a major risk and bought a one way ticket to Asia. Now, 30 years later he is still living in Hong Kong as a senior executive of a major global company,” said Alyssa Hoyt, a senior Business School student concentrating in finance.  “It was very inspiring hearing his story and how sometimes life can be pleasantly unpredictable. “

“Breakfast with Mr. Compagnon was really great, he is a really smart and successful guy who has a lot of insight for young business people,” Weidman said.  “Honestly I don't see why you wouldn't attend an event like this, there is so much to gain from listening to a guy like Mr. Compagnon speak.”

The Hoffman Family Business Lecture Series was created to assist the School of Business Administration opportunities for students at the University to learn about innovative business policies and practices from leading scholars and practitioners.