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Management Information Systems (MIS) Concentration

Computer-based Management Information Systems (MIS) are playing an increasingly important role in organizations of all types, regardless of their size, and it continues to be the most rapidly growing field in business.

Careers in Management Information Systems

Recent graduates have accepted entry-level positions as systems analysts with MIS consulting firms such as Andersen Consulting, EDS and the Geary Corporation.

Others join internal training programs or entry-level positions on information systems teams of larger organizations such as IDX, Meditech, and Aetna Life and Casualty. Learn more about careers and our alumni.

MIS Faculty

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In addition to the more traditional systems which assist in the day-to-day business operations, the MIS function is increasingly providing a competitive advantage for the organization. MIS is one of the most dynamic and influential areas for businesses today, with the almost daily changes in technology permitting (and in some cases requiring) creative approaches to address constantly changing environments.

What does an MIS specialist do?

The primary role of the MIS specialist is to insure organizational effectiveness through the design, development and implementation of computer-based information systems. The MIS specialist requires a solid understanding of business operations in addition to computer operations, because these systems are used in all functional areas of the organization (such as accounting, manufacturing, marketing and finance).

Preparation for the job market

To prepare students for the challenging career positions which require an MIS concentration, an emphasis is placed on learning skills and concepts which are transferable to numerous settings and situations. The focus is on using computers and related technologies to solve organizational problems and to take advantage of opportunities, rather than on becoming computer specialists. Many MIS courses require projects with real world organizations where students apply the theory and practice as presented in the classroom. The introductory course, BSAD 141, Management Information Systems, is required of all business students, and should be completed during the junior year.

Concentration courses/requirements

  • BSAD 142 - Structured Business Programming
  • BSAD 143 - Structured Analysis and Design of Business Systems
  • BSAD 144 - Data Base Development and Administration
  • BSAD 145 - Managing the Information System Resource
  • BSAD 146 - Business Data Communications
  • BSAD 192 - Business Process Improvement
  • BSAD 265 - Accounting Information Systems

Occasionally, other special advanced topics in MIS courses are offered under the special topics course number BSAD 195, 196 or 295.

Special topics courses are designed to incorporate recent and emerging developments from the practice and study of MIS. Students should discuss their choice of concentration courses and related electives with an MIS faculty advisor.

All students must have any exception to these concentration courses approved by a faculty advisor in MIS.

Read general requirements from the UVM Catalogue.

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