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The Business of Sustainability

What do Elon Musk of Tesla, Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation and Ben or Jerry from Ben & Jerry's have in common? They are all sustainable business entrepreneurs and leaders who didn't follow the rules and be content with "business as usual."

As sustainability has become a global issue, our new 1-year Sustainability Entrepreneurship MBA (SEMBA) will prepare you to work in a more sustainable way to pursue profits, create value and leave a significant economic, environmental and social impact. SEMBA will enable you to use your new skills within an existing organization or as an entrepreneur.

Here are examples from across the world of how businesses large and small are adopting sustainability into their business models, and how entrepreneurs are using innovative and disruptive forces to create new profitable enterprises.

Deloitte - Sustainable Solutions. Sustainable Results.

Ernst & Young - Bottom-line Benefits of Sustainable Business Practices

GE - Ecomagination: A sustainbility-driven approach to business, product development and services

Green Mountain Coffee - Fair trade is better business for everyone

IKEA - Steve Howard: "Let's go all-in on selling sustainability"

National Instruments - Commitment to corporate responsibility

Unilever - Global sustainable living plan

And if you want to know more about Burlington and Vermont, don't just take our word for how much of a hub it is for sustainable business and entreprenurs. Here's a few recent news stories to wet your appetite.

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