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Management & Leadership

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The Management & Leadership group combines two continually evolving business disciplines. Several of the important facets of these areas of study include: employee motivation, organizational development, the analysis of the political environment, the analysis of external market forces, the introduction and management of change processes, problem-solving and decision-making, and collective bargaining.

The management discipline is devoted to the study of how organizations manage interactions and changes, both internally and externally. This involves understanding the behavior of people and groups within organizations. The strategy discipline is devoted to the study of the set of policies that a firm adopts in order to create and sustain a competitive advantage. This involves understanding the behavior of a firm within its external market and non-market environments.

Faculty who bring their research into their classrooms

Our professors have done specialized research in such areas as aging in the workforce, economic analysis of firm interactions, employee-ownership, firm strategy in the political environment, human resources planning, industrial democracy, inter-organizational behavior, international labor management, labor markets, models of political behavior, organizational theory, and strategic planning in public sector organizations.

Their research is incorporated into their classroom coursework, thus providing the students with a solid understanding of timely and relevant information regarding the management and strategy fields. Learn more about School of Business faculty.

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