University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

About the Program:

Enrollment in the program is limited to 30 students per academic year. The program requires 30 graduate credit hours made up of:

  • 18 credit hours of accounting, auditing and tax knowledge;
  • 3 credit hours of CPA law; and
  • 9 credit hours of graduate-level business electives.

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The program emphasizes appropriate research strategies and techniques, effective business writing, and professional presentation skills. Students work closely with their academic advisor to design a course of study that best suits their future career objectives and prior coursework

The majority of MAcc graduates work in Big-4, regional and local CPA firms, within the assurance or tax areas. Other graduates work in the accounting departments of regionally-based corporations.

Common practice is to complete the MAcc degree before sitting for the CPA or other professionally-qualifying examinations. Students are strongly encouraged to sit for the first two parts of the four-part examination in the summer directly after graduation. Alumni following this advice have had great success in passing at least one section prior to beginning their full-time employment.

Meet Highlighted MAcc Students:

My name is Anyue Du, my preferred first name is Melody. I come from China. My undergraduate major is Financial Management. I want to learn more advanced knowledge of Accounting, so I decided to pursue my Master degree in Accounting. I chose University of Vermont because Burlington is a quiet and peaceful place and the campus of UVM is really beautiful, especially in autumn. Additionally, the courses in the MAcc program really help people to begin their careers in accounting. The Professors taught us how to manage our time in order to be successful in the advanced classes. Acquiring the skill to manage time will be extremely important for my whole life. I want to work in a CPA firm after graduation to gain experience.

Anyue Du

My name is Matt Kehoe and I've been in the Burlington area for about 7 years after receiving an undergraduate degree in English from Stonehill College in 2005. After gaining work experience in the financial sector at a small local firm performing analysis of brokerage investment accounts, I began taking some courses that would serve as prerequisites for either a Masters in Accounting or MBA program. After taking Intermediate Accounting I and II with Professor Hughes and Dempsey at UVM, I was convinced I wanted to enter the MAcc program and knew I would have tremendous access to the faculty and opportunities to advance my career. The MAcc program at UVM has greatly furthered my understanding of accounting concepts, prepared me for the CPA exam, and helped me find work in the Burlington area. I have been very happy with my experience and would recommend the program to prospective students looking to jump-start their careers.

Matthew Kehoe

I graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Last year I went through the challenging self-adjustment time in MAcc program and also improved myself a lot with the help of professors and classmates. Now I enjoy the peaceful life here in the Green Mountain State much more.

Ran Ma

My name is Alex Duchesneau, and I am from Milton, Vermont. I have a B.A. in Economics and Classics. I completed my undergraduate degree at Davidson College, just north of Charlotte, North Carolina, in May 2013. I was set on attending a one-year MAcc program at another school in the south, but was drawn to the University of Vermont MAcc program because of the interactions I had with the professors over the summer. The close-knit group, and open-door policy has enabled me to walk through the halls of Kalkin knowing I can knock on any door and receive help on my studies at virtually any time of the day. The MAcc program has prepared me well for a career, preparing me for a multitude of interviews with a mix of smaller and Big Four firms. As for the studies, the MAcc program emulates what a career in accounting represents in that the program pushes people past the brink of what they had previously thought possible. Ultimately, the program has pushed me to new levels, established a starting point for my career at a Big Four firm, and introduced me to some amazing people whom I will keep as close friends as I move to the next chapter of my life.

Alex Duchesneau

My name is Justin Marquis and I am a University of Vermont MAcc student originally from Milton, Vermont. I chose UVM because it was close to home and had a campus that was both not too small and not too large. The MAcc program has helped me tremendously in pursuing my future goals. It has given me the knowledge and prerequisites to sit for the CPA exam and has sharpened by my writing and team communication skills. Overall, the MAcc program's arduous, but relevant and important course work has set me up for a successful career in accounting. The MAcc program not only prepared me for the technical aspects of my job, but also provided me with the personal and critical thinking skills necessary to really excel. Due in part to the program, I was offered and have accepted a position with McGladrey in Boston after I graduate. Thus, I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to sit for the CPA exam as well as anyone pursuing a private or public accounting career.

Justin Marquis

The MAcc program gave me the requisite knowledge and skills that I needed in order to impress prospective employers. The faculty has been great and is always willing to help. This challenging experience has brought many great memories and it all culminated with landing a job at McGladrey.

Gabriel Meisenhelder

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