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International Business Concentration

Students who concentrate in International Management will learn and practice the skills required to manage cross-cultural business operations. This is an especially important skill in today's world where business practices know no boundaries. In order for students to successfully learn the skills necessary to manage business operations in more than one country, they must experience going overseas.

Careers in International Management Concentration

Students who complete the International Management concentration go on to participate in service projects abroad, pursue job opportunities with companies which have a presence in international markets or teach English as a second language. Learn more about careers and our alumni.

International Management Concentration Faculty

Any student interested in an International Management should consult with Prof. Michael Gurdon, faculty advisor for this area.

Study Abroad Advisor

Cathy Carlson

The program in international management requires at least one semester or summer of overseas study (Learn more about studying abroad). Students usually go abroad during the Spring semester of their junior year. UVM requires that students earn a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) to study abroad. Admission to many overseas programs is competitive and may require more than a 2.5 GPA. If you are interested in studying abroad contact the Office of International Educational Services by the end of the sophomore year.

Concentration courses/requirements

All business students must complete the following at some time during the junior year as a part of the upper level core:

  • BSAD 120 - Principles of Management
  • BSAD 150 - Marketing Management
  • BSAD 180 - Financial Management

It is STRONGLY recommended that students who plan to study abroad complete these courses during the fall of the junior year before going abroad. The material in these courses will prepare you for International Finance, International Marketing, Comparative Economics and/or International Management courses typically offered in overseas business programs.

Instruction in "approved programs" is in English; however, you should have some proficiency in the language of the country where you will study.

To complete the International Management Concentration, you must take 12 credits hours of course work. An international management student is expected to earn at least half of these concentration courses while abroad. The other two required courses for the concentration are:

  • BSAD 127 - International Management
  • BSAD 258 - International Marketing

These courses are generally taking during the senior year. All students must have their concentration approved by a faculty advisor.

Read general requirements from the UVM Catalogue.

Approved exchange programs specifically for business

  • UVM Exchange Program in Vienna: $15,137/semester
  • UVM Exchange Program in Stockholm: $15,273/semester
  • Australearn- Griffith University: $25,236/semester
  • Australearn- Bond University: $26,142/semester
  • ISEP- Italy Universita Catholica del Sacro Cuore: $15,482/semester
  • American Programs International- Barcelona: $17,875/semester
  • American Programs International- John Cabot: $20,420/semester

NOTE: The cost per semester at the University of Vermont for the 2011/2012 school year is $13,779 for in-state students, $23,762 for out-of-state students.


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