University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Server Technologies

The School of Business Administration invests in technology and uses software solutions to increase productivity and content quality. Through the use of Microsoft's Content Management and SQL Servers, faculty and staff can edit, add, delete and publish information directly to their website from anywhere in the world, placing control of content with the owner and allowing for a distributed information publishing model.

All Business School undergraduate students are introduced to the basic technology standards they will need throughout their career. We have licensed the Microsoft Enterprise Client Access License Suite which brings together eleven of Microsoft's latest products. These products allow groups to collaborate on documents and gives professors the ability to monitor progress. Other features allow the instructor to dispense grading information, hold on-line impromptu quizzes, gain fast feedback, make general announcements, etc.

This investment in technology is continuously reviewed and researched. The selection and pursuant implementation of new products are based on current market trends and major industry movements in IT infrastructure.

Last modified April 01 2010 01:30 PM