University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Learning Outcomes Assessment

Rubric: Global Civic Awareness - Demonstrate an Understanding of Environmental Issues Facing Business


Learning Objective







Knowledge of Environmental Concerns Little or no understanding of types of environmental issues. Able to identify set of environmental issues affecting business. Demonstrate understanding of multiple environmental issues and the costs and benefits for firms to address these issues.
Environmental Externalities & Firm Decision Making Little to no understanding why firms might not incorporate environmental concerns into their decision making process. Able to identify that a firm’s profit objectives may conflict with or support addressing environmental concerns and that other stakeholders are concerned. Demonstrate understanding of criteria under which a firm incorporates environmental issues into their overall decision making process (i.e., internalizing environmental costs) and the ramifications for consumers and other stakeholders.
Political, Regulatory, & Social Responses to Environmental Issues Little/no understanding of political, regulatory, and or social process utilized to address environmental issues. Able to describe political, regulatory and/or social process with limited understanding of how business and other interest groups influence the process. Demonstrate understanding of the interaction among firms, consumers and other stakeholders in the development of public policy, regulations and/or social responses to address environmental issues.



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