University of Vermont

School of Business Administration

Learning Outcomes Assessment

Rubric: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - Acquire Appropriate Data and Information


Learning Objective







Evaluates Quality of Evidence: Identifies, assesses, and analyzes the quality of supporting data/ evidence.

This dimension focuses on evidence of search, selection, and source evaluation skills—including accuracy, relevance and completeness.

Repeats information provided without question or dismisses evidence without adequate justification.

Does not distinguish among fact, opinion, and value judgments.

Sources are not on topic or are inappropriate. No evidence of search, selection or source evaluation skills.

Use of evidence is to some degree qualified and selective. Discerns fact from opinion and may recognize bias in evidence though attribution is spotty, inappropriate, or exaggerated.

Sources selected adequately meet the information need, though little evidence of more than routine exploration.

Demonstrates adequate skill in searching, selecting, and evaluating sources to meet the information need.

Examines the evidence and source of evidence; questions its accuracy, precision, relevance, and completeness. Information need is clearly defined and is related to assignment, course or personal interests.

Evidence of highly skilled search, selection, and source evaluation.



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