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Human Resources Management (HRM) Concentration

The Human Resource Management (HRM) concentration is designed to develop technical and conceptual skills which will prepare you for a variety of future jobs and educational opportunities.

Careers in Human Resources Management

Career prospects include technical positions within Human Resource administration, staff functions with trade unions and employee associations, entry-level management positions and corporate management trainee opportunities. Learn more about careers and our alumni.

HRM Faculty

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The courses offered in the HRM curriculum enhance your leadership capabilities; increase your knowledge of the interpersonal aspects of management; strengthen problem-solving and decision-making skills; prepare you for staff and line positions in administration and management; and provide a solid academic grounding for further graduate studies.

Concentration courses/requirements

The introductory course, BSAD 120, Management and Organizational Behavior, gives all business students an overview of the field of Human Resource Management and should be taken during the junior year. Concentration courses consist of 12 credits of upper level classes in the senior year. The breadth of the field of Human Resource Management allows you, with faculty permission, to take courses elsewhere in the University to complete the concentration.

  • BSAD 121 - Special Topics
  • BSAD 127 - International Management
  • BSAD 222 - Human Resource Management
  • BSAD 226* - Current Issues in Management and Organizational Theory

*More than one version of BSAD 121 or 226 may be offered. Check the topic when you see this course listed.

Occasionally, special advanced topics in human resource management courses are offered under the course number BSAD 195, 196 or 295. Special topics courses in the area of Human Resource Management may be offered under the course number BSAD 121, 226, 195 or 196.

Students interested in pursuing the Human Resource Management concentration are requested to contact one of the faculty members in this area for advice in matching personal interests with appropriate courses. All students must have any exceptions to the above concentration courses approved by a faculty advisor in Human Resource Management.

Read general requirements from the UVM Catalogue.

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